Built to fill a niche market between limited, free or cheap pre-made sites and expensive full, bespoke web design agency services

Ecommerce for sole-traders & micro-businesses

Ecommerce sites built to fill a niche between websites with limits and full agency services.

What makes us different?

3 years of research and many months building and testing Cowz to meet your ecommerce needs. We provide on-going upgrades to the hosting infrastructure and websites as new technologies/software are introduced! With more features (see below) than are sensible (or necessary) to list and plenty of potential to provide additional features on request, you are only limited by your imagination!

Cowz e-commerce platform for "sole-traders" & "micro-businesses"
What makes us different?

What's in it for me?

We help you personally! You receive our support with design, development and SEO marketing of your site alongside tried and tested, world class hosting, a free domain name and SSL Certificate and website components!

You can request features and support at any time while you are with us! We aim to support you fully within 24 hours.

We give you our “No-Bull”, personal answers to your questions and requests.

Flexible design and layout

Fully customisable design and layout

The Cowz platform allows you to customise the look and feel of every part of your site, fonts, colours, layouts and positioning to name but a few!
Support and Upgrades

Support & Upgrades

Can't figure out how to do something? Want something not already included? Whatever your wants/needs are we aim to provide for you, just ask!
Cowz Wordpress Plugin Architecture

Flexible plugin architecture

Plugins are supported throughout the platform which allow you the flexibility to show and sell your products the way you want.

Responsive Design

The entire platform is responsive by default. This means it will work on all devices from phones to desktops.

How does it work & what does it cost?

We install and setup your Domain name, hosting account, security and every website component personally for you, once the setup has been completed we work with you to customise your site the way you want it. Help, support and advice is only an email away.

All this for £500.00 initial setup fee + a small ongoing monthly payment of £15.00, no permanent contracts you can cancel anytime with 1 months’ notice…

Domain and Hosting Features

Domain and Hosting Features

  • Free domain name of your choice (if available)
  • Fast and Secure fully managed hosting with ample space to grow
  • Anti-spam & Anti-virus
  • Free SSL Certificate (server encryption)
  • Daily Backups
  • Email accounts @yourdomain.co.uk
  • 24 hour email support
  • CPanel hosting control dashboard
  • Premium Upgrade options available (grows with your business)

Website Features

  • WordPress – The world’s most popular CMS
  • WooCommerce – Professional Ecommerce for WordPress
  • Legal compliance documents/pages provided: e.g. Cookie Compliance, Privacy, Terms & Conditions, Accessibility (all customisable to your specific requirements)
  • Facebook and EBay integration (if required)
  • Google Maps (if required)
  • SEO Features and Rich Snippets (so people can find you!)
  • Exit pop-up for last minute customer offers etc.
  • Customer Wish-list
  • Product Enquiries
  • Product sorting and filters
  • Sales badges, discounts and offers
  • Product comparisons
  • Comprehensive Admin and Customer Dashboards
  • Payment processing support e.g. PayPal
  • Invoicing and Shipping
  • Categories, products and images
  • Audio/Video support
  • News/Blog ability
  • & much more!

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